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Volume 10,524,100
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Company’s Business

At present, RS Group has 3 main core businesses which consist of Multi-platform Commerce, Media, and Music & Other businesses.

Revenue Structure

Type of Revenue




(Million Baht)

Share in total revenue

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Share in total revenue

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Share in total revenue

Commerce business







Media business







Music & Other business







Total Revenues







Commerce Business

The commerce business operates under Lifestar Company Limited (“Lifestar”) and RS Mall Company Limited (“RS Mall”), both subsidiaries of RS. The operating model includes “Lifestar” which is a product designer and developer, hiring Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to produce both health and beauty products. Such products are grouped into categories, with skin care products under “Magique” brand, hair care under “Revive” brand, food supplement products under “S.O.M.” brand and bird's nest products under "Reju" brand. Lifestar focuses on producing innovative products based on the “Science of Body & Mind” concept that uses science as the basis for researching products to meet the healthcare needs of consumers; the emphasis is on addressing and solving issues with one solution, to create dietary supplements of international standards. Moreover, at the end of 2020, Lifestar launched a dietary supplement brand called “Vitanature+”, featuring 5 types of products that focus on herbal extracts that are beneficial to the body, with easy-to-understand properties, to reach more consumers. Also, the market positioning and prices are cheaper than the S.O.M. brand, making the products suitable for the Covid-19 situation in the past year, where consumers have turned to taking better care of their health while also being more conscious of their spending.

The main sales channels of the commerce business are operating under RS Mall through both offline and online platforms. This is a platform that sells products and services to enhance health and promote good health and wellbeing. Product quality and standards are backed by certification from the Food and Drug Administration, enabling consumers to live a comfortable, happy and healthy life. Products include those for health, beauty and fashion; electrical appliances; home goods; and animal food - from Lifestar as well as partners who own the products directly, with a total of more than 200 items.

Media Business

RS media business consists of 2 major media channels including Television and Radio.

Television Media Business

Channel 8

TV Channel 8, under the slogan “Everyone is watching Channel 8, Press 27”, offers programs that respond to the requirements of most groups of viewers in Thailand. The concept is to be a free TV channel that is accessible to viewers of different genders and age groups. It offers a variety of programs that serve as magnets to draw audience to the channel, such as boxing programs, especially Muay Thai or Thai Boxing. This includes Muay Thai with top ratings such as “Muay Thai Super Champ”, “Muay Hardcore” that are different from others for their use of MMA punching mitts, “Muay Mon Channel 8” and “Naksu Chao Sang Vien”. Moreover, in 2020 Channel 8, with its new business alliance, organized “Thai Fight”, an international Thai boxing tournament that has taken Thai boxing to the global level.

The key policy of Channel 8 is to generate revenue by using the four-legged chair strategy, instead of relying on commercials as the only source of revenue. By implementing this strategy, Channel 8 can generate revenue from 4 sources: selling commercial airtime to external customers; selling commercial air time to RS Mall to boost commercial business; selling existing contents and new contents; and event tie-ins. As a result of its strategy in 2020, revenue of Channel 8 increased, coupled with cost reduction and content remake with a pilot project called “Romantic Blue the Series” by using an old film copyrighted by RS. The content licensing was sold to business partners abroad to be released on Over-the-top (OTT) platforms.

Radio Media Business

COOLISM engages in the radio media business through the radio frequency system of F.M. 93.0 MHz under the brand COOLfahrenheit, through online channel at and mobile platform via COOLISM application, with the following details:

Radio Station



Navy Radio Station


24 hours

Signal Coverage

Bangkok and vicinity, and through online and mobile channels nationwide

Program Concept

Music Lifestyle Content

Target Audience

Urbanista, aged between 18-44 years

COOLfahrenheit follows a digital transformation strategy. The brand does not only associate itself with the FM Analog channel, but also to a digital platform. It maintains a radio platform in a hybrid format. The Company continues to operate a full range of commerce radio businesses, with continued emphasis on maintaining popularity. At present, COOLfahrenheit, under the concept “Music Lifestyle Content”, has been able to retain a nationwide audience base; its popularity among listeners has made the station number one among its target audience continuously for almost two decades. As such, customers of advertising companies and product owners remain confident in continuing to utilize the advertising media of the Company.

From the “3-River” strategy reduces a dependence on the earnings from one channel, and as the radio advertising market in 2020 decreased by 24 percent compared to 2019, the source of the second stream has become the organization of events and concerts through COOLive. This has gained popularity, trust and confidence from both audiences and sponsors.

COOLanything is a business unit that works in conjunction with the Company's commerce business, converting listeners to customers through the creation of an online shopping experience on the COOLISM application under the COOLanything menu. Listeners can listen to music and shop online at the same time. There are more than 1.8 million unique IP address (UIP) per month on the platform.

Music Business

The music business of RS with the concept of “borderless music” is comprehensive, covering every format. The business focuses on working without borders, to create content that is varied and meets the needs of the artist, market and target group through a media strategy, marketing, artist management and song content management in terms of the artist and song through both online media such as streaming, social media and downloads; and offline media such as television, events and showbiz. Also, it is expected to raise the value for artists under “Music Star Commerce” model. By the end of 2020, the Company launched 2 new labels, RoseSound and Kamikaze, to promote 9 new artists which is to link them as business partners to the Entertainmerce business model.

At present, the Company has artists and singers with good potential under the RoseSound, Kamikaze and RSiam brands, which is part of the strategy to tackle the changing media landscape and adapting target groups. RS’s singers have acting talents and added value for further business development. These include single singers and group of singers who have the caliber to perform in various styles to reach all target groups nationwide. Several of them have great potential and can encourage to be under the Music Star Commerce business in the future.

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