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Message from Chairman

สารจากนายสุรชัย เชษฐโชติศักดิ์ถึงผู้ถือหุ้น RS และผู้สนับสนุน

Message from the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

The year 2021 was marked with challenges from the prolonged and severe COVID-19 pandemic that consumers and business sector have been facing for the past 2 years which has adversely impacted every part of the economy and the society. Economic activities were constrained from the measures to control the outbreak for many months which hurt consumer confidence and led to more careful spending. Moreover, the situation was the driving force for the new normal of consumer behavior that they spend more time online and become more health conscious. This is considered an opportunity and an advantage for companies that can adapt fast to the change to create growth in the long run.

The past year is considered the year of investment for RS Public Company Limited to lay a strong foundation for sustainable growth including new product development and new brand introduction to enhance competitiveness to be a leader in healthcare product market as well as expanding target customers to new markets with high growth potential. The newly launched products include a premium collagen dietary supplement and a hemp seed supplement under “well u” brand, a functional drink under “CAMU C” brand, and products for pets under “Lifemate” brand. The Company intends to be “Wellbeing Partner” for consumers of all genders and age groups. In addition, the Company has continuously expanded its ecosystem with speed through the acquisition of 35% shares in Chase Asia Company Limited to generate new revenue streams from new business including personal lending and debt collection to further create synergy from the strengths of each company. Besides, the Company also acquired 70% ownership of 4th Apple Company Limited to elevate the development of new forms of content for RS and prepare the Company for the digital economy. 2021 was characterized by consistent vertical and horizonal growth of the Company throughout the year.

To respond to digital trends, the Company has developed Popcoin which is a smart marketing platform using blockchain technology to enhance work performance, create marketing opportunities and deliver benefits to all stakeholders including content developers, sponsors and consumers. At the same time, the Company has expedited revenue generation through online channels of all business units to address current consumer trends through the development of RS Mall application on smartphones to facilitate online shopping to be simpler and faster. In addition, the Company has developed new content from entertainment business to extend to leading online streaming platforms in Thailand and overseas. Thanks to its transformation of business model to take on challenges from external situations, the Company managed to maintain satisfactory profitability as the Company reached total revenue of THB 3,573 million with net profit of THB 127 million in 2021.

For next steps, the Company is in active pursuit of its Entertainmerce Model to grow its business in all dimensions for both commerce and entertainment business from the investment and development in the previous year. Regarding commerce business, sales growth will be derived from products and brands while the Company has a plan to launch new products under existing brands of over 28 SKUs including products from hemp seed extracts and CBD. For entertainment business, the Company will generate revenue from development of new forms of content through online channels, creation of digital assets (NFT) and revenue from activities and concerts that is likely to resume after the COVID-19 situation improves. Moreover, the smart marketing platform “Popcoin” is deployed to add value to activities and create new benefits and privileges for future content. The Company also planned to collaborate with international K-Pop business to produce content and activities in new formats to cater to younger consumer groups. The goal of these business developments is to achieve “Seamless Customer Experience” and “Seamless Big Data” within the group of companies.

Apart from performance growth creation, the Company attaches significance to sustainable business conduct in different dimensions by adopting sustainability framework and integrate it as a part of the organizations strategic plan to address expectations of all stakeholders across the business value chain from upstream to downstream as well as being aware of impacts on them. This resulted in the Company being selected from the Stock Exchange of Thailand to be one of the securities included in the 2021 Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI). It is the Company’s pride to be ready to strengthen its economic might alongside social and environmental responsibility to grow together with all stakeholders in a balanced and sustainable manner.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank shareholders, business partners, customers, government agencies and all stakeholders for your longstanding trust and support as well as all executives and employees for your devotion in performing your duties and facing all situations especially during the most challenging time of the Company. Please rest assured that the Company is committed and dedicated to conducting business in compliance with good corporate governance principles to build a strong foundation for sustainable growth in the future.

Mr. Surachai Chetchotisak

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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